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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Quick updates:

1. Linkin Park RAWKED da house. 8) With a good mix of new songs plus classic favourites. I almost wished I was one of the teenypubes in the standing area so I could really thrash with the rest 'o them, but I'm too old...... I need my sitting space every now and then. :p

2. My holidays started with a good bout of flu. -_-!!!!! It's getting better but I've been sorely tempted to take MC, though I haven't......

3. It feels good waking up at the late hour of 7 for a change.

4. Have been doing a good bout of bloggin' on the go, through mobile and PDA. Will do a write up over the hols about that.

5. Am thinking that I haven't been too creative over the last couple months. Maybe it's time to do something......

6. Animation Nation starts next week. Am starting with a character design workshop on Saturday. Anyone else who is interested in going, look at the website for the events. I've already booked some shows so lemme know if you're going to any of them too.


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