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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Linkin Park Concert 13th Nov

845 i'm sitting in the indoor stadium waiting for the 8pm concert to
start. Anyone noticed the time discrepancy? N to think I got so
panicked when I missed the bus abt 30mins b4 the concert.... Bleah...

A few differences between this and the Black-Eyed Peas,
2 categories of standing room. Yes, some pple paid the same price I
did to stand n squeeze for a 2hour concert... Sorry, but i'm too old n
tired to be a groupie...

2nd, the crowd seems more enthusiastic about the passing-your-time
music. It's like, crowd mingles n waits, DJ changes song, crowd
screams, then some guy behind the curtain tunes a guitar, crowd
screams again... OMG we have the makings of a manic mob here. If Mike
Shinoda suddenly throws his tee out I will run for my life I tell

Well closer to 9 already... I'm gonna let me eyes take a break now.
Hopefully the next post will be about the concert...

Getting all the slack I can...

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