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Monday, July 16, 2007

Someone has called me a sheep *meh* for buying an i-pod.

Because I'm buying a product coveted by apparently half the world, and hence confirming my conformist status. Soon I'll be buying a diamond ring, a house, a car, having kids, blah blah blah.... and walking in line with the rest of the sheep -_-!!!!!

First, ye gods, all I bought was a freakin' MP3 player to play music..............

Secondly, I'm conforming by buying an i-pod like everyone else. But if I'm buying to satifsy my individual needs of music, then doesn't that make me a non-conformist, because I'm putting my individual needs over societal status?

And if I'm refusing to non-conform by conforming to the crowd, does that by default make me a non-conformist among the non-conformist crowd?

(@_@) Yea, I'm twisting words around to make an argument (^_^) But anyway since by default everything we buy - handphones, jeans, t-shirts, Harry Potter books even, [btw was blase about the movie, eagerly waiting the book] - makes us a conformist one way or another, I'm not sure why you even made that statement to me. :p Heh heh heh...... (^_^)

Oh no! I used a conformist smiley! (^haha^)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah... so sue me... I was just making that statement specifically to the iPod... anyway, I'm not 'just' a sheep... I'm one of those zombie human eating sheep.... grrr argh... *LOL*

P.S. I can't wait to watch Black Sheep... can you tell? Hahahahaha!