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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Great Greek Adventure - Part 3: The weird, the wonderful and the beautiful

A series of miscellaneous pix taken in Greece, because we were either amused or awestruck.

1. Recycling station. Hand in your old plastic bottles and receive rebates in your bank account. We could use one of these in Singapore. God knows we use enough mineral water bottles.

2. A Greek kacang puteh stall.

3. Roadside stalls: I like roadside stalls. Most of the time, people sell stuff or do stuff that you won't see in regular shopping centres, and to me it's like a visual buffet for the eyes. I just can't stop looking.

This guy, for instance, made these tree sculptures out of wire. He was sitting by the side of the pavement twisting a roll of wire into a winter-struck tree. [no leaves] And if you looked closely, you could even see a little nest twisted into one of the branches!

Look for the nest. [my apologies if they come out sideways. I already rotated them but I don't know why they came out in Blogger like this]

Each tree takes him about 3-4 hours to make, so you gotta admire the patience in this. :p

4. You gotta love bubbles. Everybody loves bubbles.

5. Close friends and acquaintances will know why I find taxi licence plates in Greece so amusing.

6. Do not buy pirated fake watches in Kusadasi, Turkey. Only go for the genuine fake merchandise. Respect the copyright of the pirated merchandise.

Final thoughts:

For every photo that you've seen of Greece on this blog, there are about 30 that you haven't, which I can't put on this blog because the loading will just kill it. The same way, I cannot do a file transfer of all the feelings, emotions, experiences that I went through on this much-too-short journey to Athens.

How to show you the majesty of their ruins and the history they have buried?

The sunsets we saw?

And all these other, little quirky sights that we could only snap in a moment, or let it be lost forever?

It's hard. It's one of those things, where you had to be there.

And everytime I look at my pictures again,

I just wish I was there again.

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