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Sunday, July 15, 2007

I danced with the devil in the pale blue light

But all he offered me were empty promises

Word and deed as insubstantial as air

Yearning my soul to be saved

Then his light was cast upon me

And I tasted sweet salvation at last

Now I dance to a different light

More brilliant and technicolour than before

And I pray that my feet keep dancing

To the tunes from this:








Meet Shiroi Version 2.0
[30GB and comes with FM transmitter at a price of 436]

[ok, how many of you out there thought I suddenly had a blast of religious fanaticism?]


Anonymous said...

Since when did you suddenly have SO much money??!! :p

Anyway, you crumbled... you're an owner of the iPod... you're a sheep... BAAAAAAA BAAAAAAA!!!

They will never take me, NEVER!!!

Andrea said...

A victim of religious fanaticism?!

Anonymous said...

religious fanaticism? you are lucky if you are not stike by lighting when you step into church hehehehehhe.

Krystal said...

Candle, we can try and see in 2 yrs time *grins