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Monday, July 09, 2007

After banning sharp items, flammables and your 800ml bottle of shampoo on board flights, now airline authorities have a new item to consider on the list of dangerous items:

Apparently now, you can make a highly dangerous weapon using newspapers. They call it the Millwall Brick:

Newspapers were rolled up tightly to form the so-called Millwall Brick and another trick was to make a knuckleduster out of pennies held in place by a wrapped around paper. You could hardly be pulled up for having a bit of loose change in your pocket and a Daily Mirror under your arm.[4]

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And here are more innocuous everyday items that are potentially life-threatening in the wrong hands:

Now that I've posted this up, I hope I don't get ISA pple knocking on my door to 'politely' ask me a few questions................

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