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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Inspired by my friend's ever-despairing attempts at studying...........

I realised through observation that people who have serious exam studies to do go through 4 stages of Exam Grief. Yes, just like the famous 4 Stages of Grief.

1. Denial

"I'll get on with my studies just after I finish watching this/reading this/blogging this/[insert irrelevant activity of your choice]"
"I just need to finish this [irrelevant activity] before I can start my studying."

2. Anger

"ARGH!!! I don't get it!!! Why don't I get it??? Stupid textbook! Stupid lecturers! Stupid subject!!!"

3. Despair

"I'm NEVER going to get it!!! Waaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!"

and I know the last one is usually acceptance, but in this case, I'll substitute it with another one:

4. Delusion

"I know why I'm bad at studying."


"I'm getting radiation from my textbooks. It's affecting my brain every time I open them to study."
ACTUAL QUOTE HEARD from Crappiest friend on earth who shall not be named to protect identity, image and ego.

Altogether now,



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