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Saturday, February 10, 2007

I always have what I call 'tipping points' in the workweek, to make the whole 5 days go by a little easier.

For example, Wednesday is a major tipping point. Once Wednesday is over means that
we are onto the 2nd half of the week, also meaning that the weekend is that much closer.

Thursday is another tipping point. After dance class is over means that Friday is almost upon us. Friday means another night of dinner, drink [maybe], and debauchery.

Need I explain about Friday?

Other things serve as tipping points too. Tea time with a friend on Monday brings Tuesday that much closer. Watching a theatre production on a Wednesday brings the tipping point that much closer. These kind of tipping points are the little things that you look forward to outside of work, that make you want to live through the boring ten courses of the day just to enjoy that little morsel of dessert that you know comes at the end.

I always look forward, therefore, to my tipping points.

Lately, though, my week has been filled with so many tipping points that some weeks just fly by in a flash, and before I know it, weekends are over, and I have done nothing, achieved nothing, except use up a lot of my energy and slack time. X( I never quite realised this until this year, because nowadays everytime I go home early after work, it's simply to sleep, sleep, sleep.

My best nap record so far is on Thursday when I went home early with a throat infection, fell upon my bed, and then slept all the way till 9. -_-!!! This even though I was still thinking I could maybe wake up, go out for some dinner, head to the library, and then home. -_-!!!!! None of which I did, of course, because of my comatose manner on my blankets.

I know many people out there may see this kind of slothery as a blessed luxury, but in fact, I felt I wasted some time, and I even woke up with a splitting migraine for screwing up my sleep cycle majorly. [I'm like that] Trust me, the migraine wasn't worth it. -_-!!!!!

The 20s are, I suppose, the prime of my years, but in this way.... I dunno, is it going away too fast like this? I wonder whether I'm starting to exhaust my body past its limits. I don't wanna stay at home everyday just watching Channel U dramas [no offence to those who do] and then sleeping at 9, but neither do I wanna race past the rest of my life just like that.

Gods, I'm in my 20s and I feel like I'm already in my 50s sometimes. Maybe I am getting old.

I'm guessing that the work is partly because of it. That because I don't want to spend my life just doing my work and nothing else, I squeeze all these extra stuff in, so that my workweek goes by faster, and so that I feel that I have done something else in life other than my work. That I have a worth outside of my workplace.

The only problem is that so far, it's been going too fast. I'm starting to stuff too much stuff in, so that really, the time I get to myself, to do my own activities is declining more and more, as can be evidenced by the amount of time I spend on this blog anymore. ^_^!!! And because of that, my body is cracking down. My batteries aren't being recharged properly. And I keep having to pay Kenko crazy amounts of money to perform a rapid recharge. [a particular branch manager in the City Hall area started to recognise me by face -_-!!!]

I need to start repairing batteries. Please stay tuned even if you don't hear much from me anymore. ;)

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