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Friday, December 15, 2006

Naked Women!

Why do I feel this post will get more hits on the search engine than any other?

Anyway, before you start running from to the authorities, this post is about nothing pornographic. Rather it is about how old I've been feeling. Especially when I go into the locker rooms at the fitness club I've been going to.

Apparently the women in the room are pretty liberal. I, and the friends I've been there with so far, would usually go into the room, get our clothes, have a bath, change in the shower room, and then come out fully clothed.

Not some of the women there. The other day as I entered the room after class, I saw 2 women, who seemed to have just finished bathing, and were now talking to each other. The only thing being one woman had only just a towel wrapped around her waist. Leaving her breasts free for the whole locker room to see.

....................... (0_0)

And then there was the other girl, I suspect younger than me, whom I think did not want to wear her dirty clothes into the shower room. Hence, while I was sitting barely 2 metres from her, she stripped off all her clothes, giving me a full view of almost everything before putting on another set of clothes and then going into the showers.


Now I really gotta wonder: Am I getting so old that the sight of women so fully willing to unclothe themselves in my presence becomes shocking?Am I becoming like this:

Either though I would rather be like this?:

Well, Candle for one thinks maybe it's just a matter of not being used to something. After all, this being common practice in Japanese and Korean bathing houses, but not in Singapore, so maybe it's just a matter of being unused to something.

At least it's not that I'm turning lesbian or worse, old. >D

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Anonymous said...

ai yah~~

What they have you also have.. bigger some more...

just show them off lor...