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Monday, December 18, 2006

A chalet. What is your idea of a chalet?

When people tell me that their family is having a chalet, I imagine one bungalow, or one semi-detached house, with one or two bedrooms, and a living room. I imagine adults sitting around, eating, drinking, barbequeing, and children running around amok. Maybe about 2 or 3 families.

Hence when the DF told me that his mother was having a chalet, and that we were going over, that was my idea. His mother being one heck of a socialite, I imagined maybe 5 or 6 families in a large bungalow.

I was wrong.

Firstly, what do you wear to a chalet? Tanks, halters, shorts... But on the day itself, he told me just before I left the house that his family was going to church before the chalet, and was I joining them? Ok lor... So I wear a T-shirt and jeans instead.

Then I asked him where and what time we were supposed to meet, and THEN he decides to fall asleep -_-!!!! I call him three times, SMS him 5 times, and NO REPLY.

Fine lor. I head down to J8 to our usual meeting place.

At the time we usually meet, he tells me that they were going straight to church. So from J8 now I have to dash down to the church, which is walking distance from my house. -_-!!!!!!!!!!

THEN at the church itself, he tells me there are a lot of family and friends around. Hope I wore something nice. Like hallo? No lor....

THEN he tells me oh oh... it was his dad's baptism.................. I didn't bring anything, I didn't wear anything nice, and I'm in FLIP FLOPS F'GOD'SAKES. And EVERYONE is dressed in their Sunday best.

Never have I come so close to killing him, if not for being in the house of God and all.

After the service, I then realise his mother had chartered 2 tour buses to bring all the guests to the chalet. (!!!!!!!) And I ask how many units had his mother booked?

Apparently almost 10 units....................... Plus a function room for a lengthy thanksgiving service, entirely in bahasa and of which I understood 5 words, and filled full of people I didn't know and I didn't understand a word of what they were saying. Plus apparently some of the closer ones knew me, knew what I did, knew everything about our relationship before I even knew their names. -_-!!!!!!!!!

*SIgh* At least their singing was good........

Usually our Sundays are quite relaxed, take-your-own-time affairs. Yesterday's was like a culture-and-in-law shockbomb hurled at me.

The idea of forgoing the usual wedding dinners in favour of elopement suddenly seems more tempting than before......

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