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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

There is one day in the year which makes a lot of civil servants very happy, and today it is. \($_$)/ I think I'm heading to Orchard later... ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

Other than the shopping though, it's been a b*tch trying to keep myself occupied during this December. Since I stupidly waited too long to buy airline tix, I'm stuck in Singapore while other colleagues are going to Tokyo, Hokkaido, Batam...... *cries* Must NOTNOTNOT be late for June....

So what am I left doing? Tons of reading, for one, and later on, I'm going to buy more comics. ^_^ Trying to do more art but not producing that much -_-!!! and also pulling Candle for dinner whenever I can. I've also probably watched more MTV than I've watched from Jan to Nov.

I've also gotten a 1 mth free membership from California Fitness courtesy of a colleague, so I'm actually going to the gym. (0_0) Though since I don't have to eat school food anymore, I think I'm just struggling to keep the extra cals off rather than burning off those I already have. -__-


Next Dec, I will heck care and book me a trip somewhere......... I swear...........

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