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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Yes, I still live. In case anyone [anyone at all?] was worried by the lack of entries in this blog, I still live, albeit barely.

Anyway, lemme tell u about the fiasco that was Cabaret.

Firstly, I had planned to watch this musical with Juls a long time ago, so about a couple weeks ago, I duly went down to book the tix.

On Thurs morning, on the way to work, I was musing over the thought of watching it that night, and I took out the tix to check again what time was the show.

And found out that the date on the ticket was: WEDNESDAY NIGHT

And I had paid about $70 for each ticket.

I don't think I need to type down all the unsavory words that passed through my mind at that point of time.

I depressingly smsed Juls at work, telling him about it and telling him that he no longer owed me the $70, fool that I am.

Luckily for us though, Juls had less of a defeatist attitude than I did. We still met up, and rushed to the Esplanade, where Juls told the receptionist how we had asked for Thurs night but got Wed night instead. I didn't hear the entire conversation, cos I was quietly fretting in a corner, but the end result was that they found that there were still seats in our category and they let us in to watch the show after all. [Yay!!!]

I owe quite a debt of gratitude to the polar after this.

So we still managed to catch the show!

Overall, I have to say the singing and the acting weren't half bad, but I do think there were many aspects that could have been better. For one, considering that the title of the musical was 'Cabaret', you would think the cabaret in the play would have occupied a larger role than that. As it was, it seemed to be a very minor side player.

Also, the revolving set design concept is so old already. I've seen it so too many stage productions for it to have any novelty anymore.

I guess overall, it was ok, but I don't think very memorable.

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