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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Kyo, Yenn-san wa 'Anta no blog wa nani mo aranai yo' to iita. Hai, muzukashiikara, nani mo kaita. Doomo sumimasen. :p

Kyo, watashi to Yenn wa Level 3 kara gougakushimashita. Omedetou! Korekara, watashitachi wa Level 4 no gakusei.

Speech o kiiteru nagara, sannen no nihongo no benkyo o omotteita. Hajimeta toki, 'watashi wa Aki-san desu. Doozo yooroshiku' shika wakaranakatta. Heta ne! Ima, joozu ni narimasen ga, heta ni narimasu. :) Ima, nihonjin ga hanashiteru, 80% o wakatteiru. Ii desu yo! Ganbatte!

Eh, for you gaijins, sumimasen, eh? :p Needed some of the writing practice after receiving one of the most horrendous marks ever for my Jap test. X( Even though I passed, well, I think I might've scored higher if I had actually studied, so well, like that lor. :p

The days have been passing just, like that, for me. Somedays, I feel as if I'm not so much as getting through the day, as being dragged through it. I know of no other way to describe that feeling other than that, though I would think that many of you working types may know what I'm talking about.

I think one of the aspects of the job I seriously dislike is how it spills over into personal time. Time supposed to be spent recuperating energy and clearing oneself mentally is instead spent thnking of the next day's work, or scouting for resources for the next few lessons. X( I know teaching is supposed to be a vocation, but if this workload goes on, the govt is left with 2 alternatives:

1. All the teachers with anything less than a life-binding passion for teaching leave, which leaves those with a real life-forsaking passion for the job tempted to leave as well.

2. Most of the teachers stay, because of the pay, but they spend so much time on the job that they all become spinsters, causing the national birthrate to spiral further downwards.

Which is why after Yenn and I met in town today, I was so reluctant to return home. Because to return home would be to face the reality of my LPs and the ending of the weekend. It's as if by staying out, I would be able to delay the inevitable and delude myself that little longer.

Of course, this never works. *Sigh* But at least it was nice to reclaim my humanity for a while.

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