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Saturday, July 15, 2006

He meets the Rest of the Family

It's been a long time since I had anything really blogworthy in my life [you know, the kind that doesn't leave me liable to legal action by govt bodies] and finally here's one!

My Aussie grandma goes back to Australia this Thurs so b4 she left, she had one grand cookout at my uncle's house, inviting all the close relatives on her side of the family. And of course, the DF was invited.

I think the first time he met my grandma, while she was drinking her 2nd mug of Tiger, still didn't adequately prepare him for the shock that was my mother's side of the family. For one, dinner was already well underway when we arrived, which also meant that my grandma and uncle were quite comfortably high by that time.

Much to his chagrin, because for one, my grandma couldn't get his name right, and ended up calling the shortened version of it. [imagine calling him by the first syllable of his name and you get what I mean.] It made him sound like his was some, I dunno, redneck cowboy or something.
He was also eyebrow-raisingly shocked at the familiar terms on which my backside cousin spoke to him [IJTPs, you know which cousin I'm talking about] and the way the cans of Carlsberg were passed around so freely from uncle to niece to nephew and back to another uncle. All of legal age of course.

He found himself in a most uncomfortable position when my already rather drunk uncle found out that he hadn't touched a drop of beer, a sacrilegious action in his books, and then found out that he was a teetotaller. Horrors of horrors!!! He was just like my other holier than thou uncle who didn't drink, didn't smoke, and never socialized. [kwakwakwa]

And then my grandma managed something that a rare number of people, not even ME had ever managed to make him do before. Between her and my uncle, they managed to get a can of beer into HIS hands, and with much cajoling, ["C'mon then, I'm flying off soon anyway, one sip for me and that's all!"] he was actually going to drink the beer!!!

Ok, so he was only going to take one sip of it, but anyway, I saved him from it by drinking gulps of it everytime they weren't looking, so the can was noticeably lighter much later. :p

I do think my grandma liked him though. She patted his hand while talking to him, slapped his lap, and in one photo, even put her arms around him and pressed her cheek to his! I must show you guys the photo that my dad took of it, because his face in that photo was HILARIOUS!!! [do i have a rival here?]

Of course, it was also possible that my grandma was more than slightly drunk... hahahaha......

Overall though, I think his eyes really opened WIDE at how 'liberal' my family was. [his word, by the way] And comparing his family and mine, I think I agree. Mine is certainly more siao during family gatherings.

Especially when the beer is flowing. :p

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Krystal said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA....Oooohhh Man!! Pooor him!!! eh CANDLE IS COMING HOME SOON!!!! must arrange things. Oh, and babe...need to pass u this checklist for photo taking *grins* Am thinking whether u need to ahve this huge signboard or pass that says that ur the photographer n therefore have the right to take what the bride so tells ya to take so they are not allowed to yell at u =P Nor are they allowed to sabo u ..haha