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Sunday, July 09, 2006

I should really be typing out LPs before I meet him, but instead I've got KOL open in one tab and Blogger in another.

*Sigh* Procrastination is such a big problem with me.......

This is not just because of my job, btw. I've been suffering from this affliction since days of yore in school, where I would gleefully postpone studying in order to read my comics or books or whatever.

Obviously this is not a trait that serves me well in my career. Where I'm trying to convince little ones NOT to follow in my footsteps. -_-!!!!!

After 2 weeks of school and helping out in a major education fair, I'm just of NO mood to care about the Future of our Leaders/Followers/Winners/Potential Dropouts.

Yenn and I were talking last night about our careers and the dangers of Occupational Hazards. [So maybe you wanna skip reading this blog entry if you're reading it. Heh.]

That day, I got up early to go down to help out at the education fair, and I was especially grumpy about it, because there was nothing for me to do except stand outside the class during the 2 hour presentation, followed by help them pack the stuff back to school, and by the time we ended and gotten back to school, it was so drastically late I had to call up and cancel tuition. [Which I would have much preffered to have gone for]

Then someone wanted to talk to the other new teachs about performance appraisals, so we talked. And we talked so late I had no way of going to my Jap class on time. T_T Which made it the 1st time in this year that I skipped Jap class and also something I would have much preferred to have gone for.

The whole shittiness of the job, I will comment on in another blog............

Anyway the end result was that I was tired, my feet were sore, and I was moody about having missed my entire Saturday for something I would not have voluntarily gone for.

here's the hidden Occupational Hazard that you don't usually hear about. OH: Your job seeps into your life.

I have lain awake in my bed at night, trying on one hand to sleep, while ideas for LPs and classroom mgt raced through my head.

I have listened to music on the radio and wondered how to incorporate it into my classroom.

I have spent time daydreaming about how to discipline the kids in the class in a more effective way.

And this is just after 2 freakin' weeks on the job!!!!! What happens after 3?????

Which in a way explains the procrastination and the gaming of Yenn and I. There are times where you just need to sweep everything out of your head. To wipe out the persistent stain of bad memory and kleenex the whole thing. Yenn Maples. I KOL and lindy. And on days like this where my tuition has been suddenly cancelled and I suddenly have free time on my hands, I just don't feel like doing work.

I feel like just enjoying what I have left of the Sunday. And then meet him and enjoy the rest of the weekend together, before I come home and deal with the LPs.

Granted that this job is a vocation, but stretch a person too far and eventually they all start dropping like flies.

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