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Monday, July 03, 2006

Cookie: Not for strict Christians.

Tonight the DF finally returns from Indo, where he's been holidaying with his mom. And about time too. The Illegitimate Husband is good company, but I'm starting to miss the Legitimate Boyfriend more. :p

On the one hand though, I'm thankful that I'm not one of the girls who only have 'couple' friends, or where my only friends are my BF's friends, otherwise I'd be so screwed. Thank heavens for a social life, the Kingdom of Loathing and plenty of schoolwork to get me down. -_-!!!!!!!!!

Just as well today is Youth Day, for all the youths to enjoy and for the overdue youths like me to sleep in late and catch up with some lesson plans. :p when I finally get off the blogging that is.

Withdrawal symptoms aside, here's a sample of the last weekend:

Another Jap class fumble, this time on my end:

Sensei: 'Aki- san wa nani o suru no ga kirai desu ka?' ["what does Aki hate doing?"]
Yenn: 'Aki-san wa hataraku no ga kirai desu.' ["Aki hates working."]

Sensei writes the sentence on the board, and something else. She points to the board, and suddenly calls on me while I'm daydreaming. 'Aki-san?'

'Ah? Eh.... Yenn-san wa hansamu-ja nai otoko no hito to de-to suru no ga....' [Yenn hates dating guys who are not handsome, but the sentence is not completed.]

A very surprised 'Eh.....?????????' from Sensei and laughter from the floor follows. Apparently Sensei had written 'joozu' [good at] on the board, and had expected me to answer with a sentence on what Yenn was good at doing. Which according to me, now happens to be 'Yenn is good at dating ugly guys'.

Ok, so she's not the only one who ever fumbles during class..........

Later after class and dinner, we have so much pent-up energy and are so bored, we follow the Singapore River all the way from the Esplanade, to Clarke Quay, to Robertson Quay, and then to Great World City. [yes, that canal next to Great World City is the Singapore River.] From there, we follow the road and finally end up in Orchard where we take a bus back. :p

Heck, I could become a walking tour guide in Singapore. Heh.

Have to admit though, saw a bunch of bars and restaurants that we would never see on the beaten track. Some of the restaurants looked pretty good, and the bars pretty happening, if not for all the plasma screens showing football matches. -_-!!! From Great World to Orchard though is all private residences so not much to see.

Ok, we were that freakin' bored lah, can?

Sunday I went for a piano concert played by the very talented Lee Pei Ming. I must admit, it is a pity that we aren't willing to support our local players, because some of them, like Lee Pei Ming, are very, very good. :) The choice of song was also very interesting, especially the piano remixing of a jazz piece by Thelonius Monk, 'Round Midnight, which required the performer at certain times to reach inside the piano and strum the strings with her fingers! And also take up a stick and make a knocking sound inside the piano. [!!!]

I seem to have a knack of choosing concerts where extremely unconventional sounds are made with the piano. Cue to Jamie Cullum concert. :)

Anyway, she's a good player, so if you ever see her playing anywhere else, try to catch her in action. :)

The DF returns tonight. Finally!

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Anonymous said...

Are you saying that the FSM is frickin' REAL???!!! Why is it I find that hard to believe? Da Vinci Code, yes... BUT THIS??!! Gee whiz... 8p 8p