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Friday, June 30, 2006

One week on the new/not so new job is already getting to me. I'm not sure whether it's the environment or the job scope or just me.

Pretty much I'm fine with the job. Even the admin work that has come my way so far I've handled all right. Then again, I'm only looking at the admin that has come so far. The duties that it entails is fine. I've had hiccups, and I've had flareups, but so far nothing I've not expected.

It's a bit strange how I eased into that aspect. The first day I ever did it, I died. I died so badly I thought I would never live again. The second time I did it, I was wounded so badly, I thought I'd just bleed to death on the premises.

Now my third time doing it, I've more stuff, I'm still getting wounded. But I'm not dying. [yet, anyway]

Maybe you do get used to it the longer you stay in it. *shrugs*

The one thing so far is that my fatigue seems to be increasing. I think it's something about the hours and the lack of opportunity for food. I wake up early in the morning, still relatively fresh. I grab a cup of milo and I'm out of the house. Halfway during the day, around lunch time, I start to get shagged out. When I finally reach home in the late afternoon, I'm all knackered out and ready for more sleep. :p

I know part of the problem is not sleep, but infrequent meals. Because something always seems to crop up, there have been days when I don't eat lunch, till very late. Which leaves me fatigued. Next week, I'm definitely bringing bread or something to work.........

Work. Man, I've actually grown up and started to do the whole adult thing.

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