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Sunday, June 04, 2006

X-Men 3... Hopefully the Last?

Aw let's just face it. In all probable fangirl indignation, I didn't think X3 was that good. In fact, I didn't think it was very good. As an X-MEN movie.

Hey, you're dealing with an established brand name with years of history and thousands of customers all around the world. Make some effort to pleasing them damn it!

Aside from the usual complaints of "They didn't do that in the comics!" I think the plot this time wore pretty thin at some edges. Not only that, but with the sheer number of mutants in the film, the existing characters didn't manage to get fleshed out enough. Heck, I didn't even notice some other mutants like Psylocke till the DF told me about it. -_-!!! Yes, someone else's eyes are that much sharper than mine.

Bryan Singer definitely a much better job, a fact driven in my face since the trailer for the first X-Men movie was playing on TV just now, bringing back memories of the movie. The characters were more focused, and the plot was that much stronger.

Plus what the heck was with Cyclops? Like Jubilee said, "Extra!" ***Spoiler alert*** He comes out for a while, depressed, moody, unshaven, [though I'm not complaining about the last, because he looked THAT much more hotter] kisses the Phoenix and BISH!!! Gone!!!

Aw well. *Sigh* Next time I should just continue reading the graphic novels like I always did.

Although I did catch the slide at the end of the show, and it does seem to be hinting at a 4th movie. I just hope that it's much better than this one.

Anyway for some extra entertainment, here's some other X-men entertainment

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