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Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm apparently a more generous and giving person than I thought I was. After leaving the hall yesterday and arriving home, I received the following SMS from Yenn:

"You infectious piece of crap! I kena running nose and cough... cough until vomit out a 10cm diameter of phlegm..."

Er....... Here's the downside of living in close quarters with a walking germ carrier... you get to enjoy the full effects of her bounty.... yooku sumimasen to Yenn, and a warning to everyone else with lesser immune systems than mine....

Meanwhile, I'm waiting for the KOLling to begin once the servers finish their maintenance. There's no program in Nie for us, so I'm enjoying this free day back at home, dousing myself with hot tea and plenty of lozenges.

And of course, Yenn's Gundam Seed Destiny DVD set.... heheheh...

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