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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm sick. *Makes pathetic sniffing noises* And I donno how coincidental it is that I fell sick on the first day of returning to hall life on campus. Must be something about the campus environment [mine in particular] that's making me this way. *grumblegrumblegrumble*

Yea, so for the next 2 weeks or so, Yenn and I are back to being hallrats. The school has some enrichment programmes that we have to attend before being posted, so here we are, back again. Luckily, the programmes are not too time consuming, and most of them end at 12, so we have plenty of time to watch anime, read comics, and taking advantage of the LAN with lots of mapling and KOLling. :D

The only snag i've hit is that I actually fell sick when I moved in, and today it erupted into flu, meaning that my nose decided to do a marathon without my consent. [running nose, get it?] I've had waterfalls coming down my face the entire afternoon and it's only now that it's finally stabilized. I have no idea whether it's being I got slightly caught in the rain on the first day of menses, or because of the dust on my bed, desk or an unhealthy combination of both. Knowing my luck, probably both. -_-!!!!!

Another snag i've hit is that it's UTTERLY BORING here. Once I finish up my kolling, read my books, and surfed and read all the blogs there is, there's really nothing to do. Well, except sit beside Yenn while she maples and poke her to death. Thank goodness I bought the Last Exile anime set in Jurong Point, so that's gonna keep me occupied for awhile. Plus, Yenn brought Gundam Seed Destiny to the hall, so YAY!!!!! :D

And then there's you, of course, my faithful blog reader. If my flu actually heals itself to the extent that I can think properly without reaching for a tissue, I hope I can post more stuff on this blog other than "today was boring. Again." every time. Meanwhile,

*ACHOO!!!!!* >o~~~~~~

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