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Thursday, June 08, 2006

dedicated to... The Room

This is the last few days that Yenn and I will be spending in our hostel room at NTU, since our days at NIE end this week. As hence, this blogpost is therefore dedicated to... our room.

Around last year in june, we moved in to our 6th storey little flat. For all its great advantages, we faced some pretty daunting setbacks too, including climbing 6 storeys of stairs, communal bathrooms with security codes, [this doesn't sound so bad, until you're hit with diarrhea and you're frantically trying to key the numbers in correctly] and for Yenn, crazy neighbours who liked to shift furniture at 3am in the morning.

Nonetheless, there were some great advantages to make up for this. The LAN connection was a BIG plus, and also the location, which was a 10min walk from our campus. This meant waking at 8 for a 830am class, and also coming back for afternoon naps during lunch breaks. ^_^ While others had to wait for 3 hours in the library/cafe/other nooks of NIE during their breaks, we would doze off in our rooms, or Maple or blog. [no guessing who did what]

Of course we faced problems when we started to live together. One big problem, that haunts us to this day, is that Yenn is a light sleeper. A very light sleeper. And I am a klutz who stomps her way out of bed, banging into chairs and tables, to get to the bathroom. Another problem arose when Yenn got sick, and the fan aggravated her coughing. The resultant heat and stuffiness in the room made ME feel like I was in the Gobi. After much tossing, sweating and grumbling on both sides, I finally bought a standing fan, which improved the situation much.

The funny thing is that after she recovered and the ceiling fan could be used, the fan started to blow exclusively at Yenn's laptop, which was switched on 24 hours a day so that she could constantly check on her Maple account. -_-!!!!!!!

Luckily for us, we got used to each other without murder, although we came close several times. I guess some factors helped, like us already knowing each other, and being able to generally get along with each other.

Anyway, now that we're moving out, here are some pics of our room as a flickr set. [i'm too lazy to upload everything on the blog. :p] Look at the pix, and then click on them for more descriptions.


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