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Monday, June 12, 2006

My poor, poor blog. *blows* Almost as much dust around as there was in my hostel room.

And btw, Yenn and I have officially given up the room. We went back today to throw out the last of the trash, and then return the keys and the LAN cables.

The one thing we didn't do was to move back the furniture into its original position :p We figured if the neighbours didn't, and got away with it.........

Man what memories we had in that room. Definitely living away from the family and with someone else to boot is a different and very enriching experience. We learnt a lot of things about each other [some stuff that we would rather not know, as well] we learnt to live with each other [harder than you know] and we still managed not to kill each other at the end of it. Looking at the room, completely devoid of human possessions, and everything that had made it alive and our 2nd home for one year, just seemed...... sad.

So since the last entry was about photos, this one now is dedicated to some of the highlights of the one year's stay:

- Our various assorted neighbours:
The one I thought was a filipino maid but who turned out to be a resident, and who had an assorted of wushu swords in her room
The girl who kept 2 rabbits in her room and whose stink reached out to the corridor
The 2 siao char bo who giggled endlessly and who dragged furniture around at 3 in the morning, driving Yenn insane but never heard by me

- The men below:
The room next to the kitchen on the floor below us, which had a constant STINK emanating from it. First, you smelt it as you walked past the open doorway. Later, you smelt it as you approached the kitchen. The best of all, one day, I smelt it BEFORE I even reached the kitchen doorway, only to find out that the door was closed, and the smell was evidently strong enough to break through it. I have no idea how those guys live like that. Maybe they have no noses.

- The time Yenn got sick and couldn't have the fan on or risk a coughing fit and I nearly died of the heat and suffocation. We stepped very tenderly on each other's toes until I finally bought my standing fan. Later when she recovered fully, that fan became used to blow at her laptop when she left her Maplestory store open 24hours. -_-!!!!!

- The day I brought my new laptop back to the room in its box, all the way from the other side of campus. I huffed and puffed my way back to the hostel, climbed the excruciating 6 stories of stairs, and opened the door only to find Yenn frantically wiping up spilled Milo. Apparently the hook that she had used to hang it on broke while the packet was still hanging on it, sending a packet of Milo crashing [splashing?] to the ground. We spent hours wiping up the mess with toilet paper, because the Milo had seeped everywhere. Months later, Yenn would open a little-used desk cupboard, to find fungus growing there from some Milo she had missed.

- Many afternoon naps and Mapling time when we were supposed to be studying or writing papers.

- The great western food stall in our hostel, and the great Jap store with great fried tofu in the hall next to ours. Many boxes of spaghetti bolognaise imported from NIE.

- Many jokes/threats traded between the two. For eg, throwing each other's underwear out the window, warnings not to engage in illicit sex while the other was out, threats to throw each other's underwear to the guys below, threats to give each other's hp nos to the guys below, threats to burn each other's clothes, threats to call my boyfriend OR the illegitimate husband to come n give me sex already because I was so desperate, threats to call some strange guy to come up and give her sex because she was so desperate.......... Maybe I should stop this section here.

- Other strange people who did strange things around the hostel, like scream "CCB!!!" in the afternoon in an empty car park. *Weird*

So many incidents in just that one year of living. ^_^!!! But somehow it was living and experiencing that with a friend that made it all that much more bearable. And interesting. I'm not sure that if I had to live with a total stranger, I would have had that much fun in campus. And I think that makes all the difference. :)

But at least I'm thankful my underwear is safe now.

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Anonymous said...

well. this comment has nothing to do with your blog article hahahah.

Just want to tell u that I am in Japan now n I can read your blog hahahahhaha. Nah..I am only in Japan for a few days,skipiping some classes hahaha.However, next week, I will return back to China.

For goodness sake AT LAST I CAN READ YOUR BLOG

Anyway, I want to say hi to the rest too. I am going to sg in July(maybe end of July) cos I maybe going to Tibet first before going back to sg.

I am happy in China now cos I have quite a number of closed friends who are willing to travel with me or have funs(e.g: going to bars/club, ending up at 1 friend's apartment to watch dvd or partying, etc)

My life is not as terrible at the singapore gal who goes to Xian. If she looks beyong all the unfavourable things in China, she may enjoy what she can discover like I do.

So friends in Sg, Have fun n take care. I miss u all too that sometimes that the party that I asked my friend(in China) to have is quite similar to our stoning party at kheldar's house.