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Friday, June 16, 2006

Jamie Cullum In Concert

Absolutely. Fuckin. Brilliant. Concert.

What can I say? The concert was absolutelyfucking brilliant.

For those who don't know [philistines!] Jamie Cullum is a pop/jazz pianist and singer, with 3 albums out so far, Pointless Nostalgic, TwentySomething, [the one that pushed him to the public eye] and Catching Tales, his latest. Why I like him is because not only is he great at jazz, and jazz improvisation, his songs are also witty and brilliant, and I have this thing for Brits. :p

Although I was rather chagrined, when I went into the Suntec hall, only to find out that my $100 tickets, which were the mid-range ones, gave me a seat with this view:

Can you see the very small looking concert stage?

WTF??? I'm only like a few rows away from the cheapest seats lor!!! This is what I paid for?

Ok fine, I sit down and soon the concert starts.

Sidenote: It took this concert for me to realise why the Esplanade was so strict on latecomers. Because the people streaming in after the concert was supremely irritating. Imagine, you're lost in the piano strands of music, and then suddenly, one dark humanoid blob is walking across going, "Sorry, sorry, excuse me..." Argh!!!

Then there were the people who were constantly leaving the concert hall, why??? I didn't get it, because some of those people had obviously paid about $100 for their tix and they were walking out in the middle of the concert in twos! I mean, did you want to watch the concert in the first place? *mystery*

But for those who stayed, what a concert!!! Halfway during, he jumped off stage with the trumpet player and started an improptu performance in the middle of the audience! OF which I totally missed, because of all the rabid female fans surrounding him.... -_-!!!!! Finally I looked at the people beside me, sitting sedately, [not even tapping their toes, sure you enjoy or not!] I looked at the screaming, jumping fans below, and I quickly decided which side was having more fun.

I ran off my seat and to the front of the hall, in response to his invitation to the fans to come to the front. ["Don't worry, they're with us," was what he told the security guard who feebly tried to protest] So from my seated $100 seat, I ended up standing right next to the stage to the left, screaming my head off and thumping the beat on the stage.

This was how near I was:

Trust me, it IS Jamie Cullum.

Er, granted it doesn't look like much, considering I used my HP cam, but trust me, I could've jumped up on stage and ripped his shirt off. :p Funny thing, I never thought of myself as much of a fangirl during my teenage years. I suppose those pubescent hormones kinda laid hormone till I actually had the money to go to these concerts. :p Probably barely explains why a 25 year old girl/woman was screeching and screaming, jumping up and down and thumping her hand in the air or on stage. I was just saving them all for later. :p

Oh, but the concert was GREAT, and especially exciting though wince-inducing was when Jamie would do some stunt on the piano, which he is famous for. I mean, you can't help but pity the piano when he does this:


And I'm not sure whether it was a stunt or what, but after he did this running jump thing to the piano where his fingers were supposed to magically thump the right notes for a particular song, the piano lid actually came off! He tried to put it back, though he didn't quite manage it, but somehow the noise he made in trying to became an impromptu percussion performance! I love that spontaneity! Plus, I'm also sure I've never seen a pianist play the piano by reaching his hand into the body and thumping and plucking the strings. -_-!!! And making it sound good to boot. Kids, do not try this at home. Jamie has insurance

Overall, great concert. :) I'm especially happy that my way-at-the-back seat became a front row stage space. :) :) :)


What a difference you made.

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Anonymous said...

i agree!!! :) still reeling from the shiok after effects of the concert!