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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Escaped by the hair off my fingers

This story just had to be told. It's a good one, trust me.

My grandma [The Australian one who just flew over, remember?] was trying to get the stove working, when she asked me for help. Now if you've never seen it, my stove is a gas stove, those that run with the large blue gas cylinder underneath. To get it to work, you have to switch on the gas, and then press an ignite button till blue flames appear on the surface.

The more quick-minded of you might have already seen where this is going.

Anyway, so my grandma had already put the pot on the stove, and had been trying to ignite the gas when she asked me for help. I checked that she had switched on the gas dial for the right stove, and then bent down so that I could see whether the flame had come on beneath the pot, while pressing the ignite button repeatedly.

PHHHOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The gas ignited in a sudden hellish fury, sending out a circle of blue flame around my stove, diameter of 1m. I actually felt the flame stroke the tops of my fingers in that split split-second before I yelped in terror and jumped 3 feet back.

Thankfully, both my grandma and I are fine. My grandma was standing behind me when it happened, so she was alright, and thankfully my cat-like reflexes weren't that of Garfield's. The only so-called visible damage was to my fingers.

Well, they didn't get burnt, but if you look at two of them, where there used to be hair, there is now hardly any left. Apparently when the flames travelled across my fingers, they also took half of the hair there with them. -_-!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See, I told you it was a good story. >D

So the past few days were spent accompanying my grandma around the area in less dangerous activities. Now if you told my drinking gene came solely from my dad, you will now be surprised. I haven't seen my grandma drink a drop of water since she was here. Instead, it's been:

Breakfast: soya bean milk
Lunch: Tiger
Tea break: Tiger
Dinner: Tiger
After dinner: Tiger
Supper: Tiger

You ever heard about how Australians drink beer like water? It's true. And she's 75 to boot. >D The DF had a horrified look on his face when I told him about her. I think he had this image of a kindly old lady sipping tea or something. Oh so wrong is he.

Surprisingly, though, despite all the beer, she's actually very sprightly at her age. One can only hope I inherited those genes.........

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