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Monday, March 20, 2006

A Mosaic Weekend

Mosaic - Many different pieces put together to form a whole picture

And indeed the Mosaic festival at the Esplanade was just that. All these different artists coming together to perform a whole picturesque week.

I had originally bought tix to Jason Mraz weeks ago [thank god, because they got sold out in the end] but on the Fri of the concert itself, I realised I had nothing to do on Sat nite. Since I would be bored if I stayed at home, I went and bought tix to the NYC Urban Beat feat. Sise on Sat nite as well.

I can tell you honestly. Money well worth spent.

Jason Mraz was awesome!!!! At first, you might seem surprised when the show starts and only Mraz and his bongo accompaniment comes on stage. You might think, harh? Like that only? What kinda show is this?

Then when he starts singing you realise just how right this simple combination was. The bongo was more than enough to provide a lively upbeat throughout the entire performance, but the main draw was Mraz's voice itself. They don't call him Mr Wordplay for nothing, because when he sang, he sang the lyrics of his songs like a feisty kitten jumping on the piano keys. Then for another song, it would swoop down into a croon as intimate as a lover's arms.

I think if anyone ever sang like that to me, I'd just fall in love immediately. [sorry DF]

Not only that, but the friendly camaderie between him and his bongo player was just so good, they were like good chums out for a little sing song session. One of the factors that made the concert so entertaining to watch.

I give Mraz 2 thumbs up, only because I only have 2 thumbs altogether. :p

Then it was NYC Urban Beats with Si*se on Sat nite.

One thing about me: I don't like to be in social situations alone. So it was kinda a shock when I headed down to the concert to find out that it was held in the upstairs theatre studio, and the whole place was made out like a pub.

And all the gorgeous people knew each other. -_-!!!!!!!!!! Exactly the kind of geekifying situation I hate, when suddenly I feel awkward, trying to blend into the shadows and nurse a cheap gin and soda while waiting desperately for the show to start.

Why on earth did I turn up in my jeans, tee and backpack?

I was half contemplating leaving halfway when the real show finally started. And boy was I glad I stayed.

They freakin' ROCK! Their songs alternated from slow haunting rock in the start to a slightly livelier bossa-sound in the end. They're more unique in the sense that they had all the features of a usual band, with the addition of a violinist, who played to true Gypsy fashion, lending a strangely compelling sound to the music. Plus the fact that the concert was held in such a pub-like arena, it served to give the atmosphere a dream-like quality, enhanced by the dim light, flashing disco ball and made worse by the cheap drink.

Their music was good, it had me dancing by my lonesome gyrating self in the corner of the studio, and which made me glad that no one there knew me so I could dance as fugily as I wanted. >D

But definitely I'm glad I stayed. :)

A little note to local entertainers though: If you happen to be the opening act for some other band performing in Singapore, firstly congratulations. Secondly, Don't Try to Work The Crowd. It doesn't work, because unless you're highly, highly, infectious and your crowd is a bunch of overexcited pre-pubescent teenagers, [neither condition of which was met in both concerts] your attempts will only fall flat, and you'll get a bunch of half-interested people going "Yea" or clapping or pointing their fingers in the air or whatever it is you want them to do. Just provide the music, and only encourage audience participation if you KNOW your crowd is sufficiently worked up.

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Anonymous said...

ahh, i missed out on jason mraz! but you should've gone for kings of convenience, it was pretty good : )