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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Memoirs of a Slacker Blogger

I was out with Quet and Turt today when the conversation turned to Xiaxue.

In case you didn't know, she and two of her longtime friends recently got sponsored to go on an all-expenses paid Superstar Virgo cruise. The luck of a *famous* blogger! For one lengthy blog article with pix, she gets a free cruise trip for her and her two friends!

Are there any comic shops out there who would like an advertorial on this blog? *Haiz*............................

I wonder how much Xiaxue makes from the advertisements on her blog. But her blog actually pales in comparison to other blogs like Problogger, a blog ran by a full-time blogger named Darren Rowse. Yes, he is a Professional Blogger. His blogs earn actual AUSD, apparently a good enough income stream for him to do it full time and he also runs other courses on how to run blogs.

And like duh I'm reading his blog......

Anyway, Quet was asking why not I do something with this blog in order to do the same thing?

Unfortunately, time is a major factor here............. and also the effort involved. I mean, you're talking about FULL-TIMERS here....

And Xiaxue may be a full-time blogger, but she only managed to get that way because her writing became famous. So in order to reach the same status, I need tons of people reading this blog, which is easier said than done.

[also might be for the better. i don't need the WWW (whole wide world) knowing what a block my DF is, or who my friends are and stuff like that]

So how to get tons of people reading my blog?

Movie/Product/food reviews - already done in excess, and I'll be competing with magazines
Controversial/profanity-infused writing - also already done in excess excess.
Sex-related writing - erm, I'd have to make more of it up

And then it struck me.

Sex sells.
I don't have sex.
BUT no one said it had to be the truth!

Look like that guy, James Frey, who wrote the book "A million little pieces". It was touted as the memoirs of a man who battled a drug addiction. Everyone bought it thinking what a fascinating story it was. And then it was revealed to be one giant hoax.

Look at belle du jour, who started her blog claiming to be a London call girl. Certainly no one has any way of proving whether she's truthful or not, but they still read her blog! And she's even got a book out!

So that's my solution! Use all my creative powers of thinking [and a lot of wishful thinking] and write a blog about my legendary, scandalous, and yet totally UNTRUE love and sex life! And spice it up to attract thousands of readers!

Throw in ads, links, and others, and then ta-dah! An income stream from the thousands of horny men around the world!

And trust me, that's a lot.... I mean, think about how much the internet porn industry earns a year.

And I don't even have to do an Annabel Chong to get this blog going. I just make it all up! Wahahahahaha!!!!! I can sponge off all the horny men in the world and practice creative writing at the same time!!!

Ok I think I better stop reading Xiaxue for the time being...................

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Anonymous said...

Ah... this concept of a fictional sex life intrigues me... do tell.... ;D

I see you are on youtube too .. hehe ..

this one is for the girls.

and this one is just ingenous!

By the way my HP has been dead for a couple of weeks now. Should be getting another phone tommorrow... I think.. A little late in saying this.. but hey....