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Thursday, March 16, 2006

How to Lengthen A Pair of Jeans

So I was feeling a bit crafty one way... and I mean that in a good artistic kinda way.... So I got out these pair of jeans that were too short for me.

See, the problem with these jeans was that they were in pretty good condition, but were just that bit too short for my liking. I like the hem to cover my shoes, but these totally exposed them. Which looked ok but always too short to me.

What to do?

Materials needed:

Jeans. [uh duh.... ]

Cloth and craft glue. [Spotlight sells these leftover cloth fragments which is where I got these. Buy just enuff to do 2 hems]

and basically what I did was to cut the cloth to size, and then glue it to the hems, so that now my jeans look like this:

Cool eh? Until I realised that hardly any of my footwear matches the fabric........................... -_-!!!!!

Other than that, it looks really amateur [duh] when you look closely at it, but since hardly anyone's gonna be looking at my feet, I'm not too bothered. *grin*

This is what happens when pple have too much time and fingers get too itchy........

1 comment:

ARBilly said...

wow those jeans looks like i could wear them as well.