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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ye Shanghai... Ye Shanghai... Part 1

Becos our fren Candle is now stuck behind the Great Firewall of China and hence unable to access 90.09% of blog servers, here is the boredslacker-ised version of her antics in China so far....

Mar 8 - Candle sprains her foot walking on street wearing flat boots. Being no cute guys around to render her assistance this time, she has to rely on classmates to carry her home. [luckily she was with them at the time] She then learns a few things about falling sick in China:

1. There are no GPs or polyclinics in China. All who are sick go to hospital, which charge people crazy prices for simple services, making it more financially viable to stay sick than to go to hospital. Uni hospitals are also cheaper than public hospitals.

2. Doctors are rude until they find out that you are a foreigner.

3. Ankle guards are harder to find than cute guys, even the sports shops don't sell tem. The one trustable one she found cost her a whoppin S$40.

OTher than that, she nearly got stuck in some bus stop in Shanghai becos while visiting a father's friend, she alighted at the wrong bus stop... luckily another bus came and saved her and she made it at about 8pm, stayed overnight cos he didn't think it was safe and played with his daughters.... her father's friend tot she was crazy for daring to take bus alone at night, but well, it's another crazy thing we all expect from her......

That's all from her for now... I'll update you guys periodically when I receive mail from her...

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