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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Was spent, most funnily, with 2 gals and a guy.

Much kudos and envy the guy must have had, being accompanied by 3 lovely ladies on Valentine's, none of which seemed much put out that they had to share their date with 2 other women, but well, it's a modern society we live in.

*sigh* Who am I kidding? With the DF in camp, I pretty much had two choices:

1. Stay at home, do report and mope about being home on Vday, plus fend off questions from pesky parent
2. Go out with friends, think of him, and be surrounded by lovey dovey couples carrying flowers, presents and sweet talk

In the end, I decided that to stay at home was just that much sadder than going out and at least I would have some entertainment, so.....

Jules drove Quetz, Candle and I to East Coast for a romantic dinner by flourescent at Mac's, it being the only place in the beach which still sold food at its normal prices. We went for dessert at Gelare's after that, and then went walking around the place, whereby Jules was immediately accosted by a very determined rose-selling aunty.

"Buy a rose for the girl leh!"
"But I've got three of them!"
"Buy for all three lah!"

Who can withstand such female determination? He duly bought the roses.

Which became much abused by us. In the following order,

While sitting on the breakwater to admire the waves, [and spoil Vday for other couples with our bad jokes] Candle used the rose to swipe away the cockroaches lingering around our butts.

Whenever he made some bad joke, I whacked him on the head with the rose, n even poked him in the arse several times.

When Quet wanted to get his attention in the car, she hit his shoulder with the flower.

Finally, at my block, he arghed in frustration, "The first time I ever buy flowers for a girl, make that three girls, and what do I get? I get hit with it, poked in the ass with it, and they even use it to kill cockroaches! What's wrong with me?? Am I that bad?"

"No, you're just not him!"

Which pretty much summed up my feelings about the entire Vday. You're not Him. -_-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And my "Vday Present" from him? An sms which read:

"Happy Flogging Day"

My boyfriend. With all the romance of a glacier. And a sense of humour to match it.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha you crack me up...
your boyfriend deserves a spank

and by the way, you can immediately transit from L2 to L3 don't worry about not knowing L3 stuff its expected!


Aki Tan said...

I'm thinking he deserves more than a spank...

And anyway, it's not the not knowing L3 stuff I'm worried about, it's forgetting L2 stuff!!!

Anonymous said...


That is one valentine I won't forget!!! *FUNNY*

Hey.. Tell that Juls I put his rose in a vase and in my room...

His $3 rose survived more than 1 week..