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Saturday, February 18, 2006

I once said that I 1) preferred Nokia phones and 2) didn't like clamshell phones

I stand corrected on both points.

Meet my new phone:



What won me over was the colour screen and, the beauty of it, a 2mpx camera. *sigh*

Here's a sample of the kind of pix it can do:


And this is just the small version! I can actually take and store pix up to 640X480, which is, actually, farking amazing considering the capabilities of my old Nokia.

And yes, I am experiencing syncho problems. As in, the Panasonic OS is driving me nuts after using a Nokia for so many years. The SMS part is alright, but the general navigation and finding stuff?


But all in all, it's pretty cool to have a new phone. Heh.

And to those who remember my two statements from above?



Anonymous said...

When did you buy the mobile and how much did it cost? Is it the Panasonic Vs2? Damn, I sure do like the pink one. Did you consider the Motorola Razor as well?

Aki Tan said...

it's the Vs6, and I paid about $250 for it, because some1 in my family had a 21mth plan. Din really think of the Motorola though..... dunno why but I prefered this one when I tried it... hahaha....