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Friday, January 06, 2006

A slow day in school sees Yenn and I in our room. She plays her new J-rock CD on her almost-obsolete CD player, while Mapling. I listen to her CD [because it's being blasted through the room] and read blogs and blog, while resisting the temptation to fall back onto bad habits.

Only I have a class, about 5 hours later. She just found out her only project meeting for the day got cancelled.

Deadlines are still at least 2 weeks away, and because we just started this week, not much in the way of concrete work has yet to be done.

So none of us have pressing deadlines [yet], none of us have pressing work that needs to be done now [yet], and none of us are in a hurry to go to classes today [till 5 hours later for me]. And we are still free [for today] to relax, and enjoy this afternoon.

Yes, it's a good day for us.

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