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Monday, January 30, 2006

The Night After...

CNY Day 2, and the DF and I do the family rounds.

Afternoon was a dimsum lunch with my family where we ate lunch, and I watched my dad roll his eyebrows at a couple of things he said. Generally, my family has decided that he's just like one of my uncles. Eats [too] healthily, doesn't drink, sleeps in early and stays at home a lot... yea, that's him.

Despite the differences in interests though, [my dad likes kayakking and blading and him.........] they bonded over the one thing that most guys of legal age have in common.

"So... which camp are you in?"

And that was that. Cue my mom and I sighing and helping ourselves to the dimsum while the men talked army.

Well, at least he managed to keep up a decent conversation running with my parents. Which is more than I could say for me and his family. X(

We had planned to go to his grandma's house for dinner, only HE hadn't told a single soul about it aside from his parents! So we went there [ahead of the rest of his family], they got curious, asked, and "This is my girlfriend."

Cue the raised eyebrows, and the mental ah-ha...... going on in everyone's minds...... which also made for a coupla wisecracks later: ^_^!!!

Overheard when lao-ing yusheng:
"May the eldest grandson get married soon!" [guess who] "and may we see great-grandchildren soon!"

When his grandma gave me an ang pow:
"Here's an angpow from ma-ma wishing you good luck in life and career!" Ma-ma? I thought my ma-ma passed away years ago but apparently I have a new one....... -_-!!!!!!!
His aunt started laughing, and "Here's one from gu-ma as well!!" and continued laughing uproariously.

I didn't know what else to do but to hide my face by burrowing in his back while the entire extended family enjoyed the joke at my expense........ -_-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But well, at least with the shuang qing meeting [did i get the name right?] it's sorta like we reached another stage of "officiality" with each other, now that both sides are aware of each other.

Though it still feels weird when I spend CNY with his family instead of mine. Like I'm still trying to find a place to fit in this family that's been going along just fine before I came along. And now I gotta find the missing spot in this jigsaw for me to fit into.

*Haiz* Oh well, at least it didn't seem like they hated me on sight.......... Let's see how it goes till the next CNY....... ;)


Krystal said...

Hahaha...sounds like I had a wwaayyy easier time than u did babe..But at least that hurdle's



(couldn't resist...sorry!!) N anyway, u've met his extended family. I've there! Ur one step ahead of me =P (the fact that M's extended family is not in the most geographically convenient of locations is not to be used agst me =P)

Anonymous said...

Good on ya... now maybe by next CNY... YOU will be the one giving out ang baos!!! Muah hahahaha! Sorry I couldn't resist too... :p

*high 5s Krystal*