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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Holiday Syndrome Strikes...

I've got at least one assignment to do for every module, 2 of which are due on the wed and fri just after CNY. I'm up to my shitassload in work,

and in true Holiday Syndrome style, I can't be bothered to touch an inch of work. Bleah.

At least this CNY it's been relatively calm. We went for dinner, did the usual visiting, and ended up at KFC for dinner because, well, half of Singapore is closed.

This aspect of CNY is always the most fascinating to me. The idea that a single holiday can cause just about the entire Singaporean [and now China] economy to come screeching to a halt for 2 and a half days [including the reunion]. The idea that for 2 days, the streets will be empty, save for the red-clad visitors, the stores will be closed, and the whole place will resemble some post-nuclear-apocalyptic scenario.

Yea, I imagine too much. :)

Anyway, this has never caused a bother to us, because usually we sponge off some relative for lunch and dinner, or we eat either fast food or muslim for 2 days. This year, it's slightly more troublesome because the family is meeting the DF for the first time, and are therefore obliged to bring him somewhere nice for dinner, I think in part because his family brought me somewhere nice.

So my parents have been wracking their brain to think of all the possible 'nice' places that could be open during CNY and we ended up booking a place for 5 at a dimsum place that would be open. [miracle of miracles!]

So the lunch is tomorrow, wish him luck, especially since some of the stuff I told my dad about him has been making my dad roll his eyeballs. The only consolation is that 1) He doesn't stop me from doing dumb stuff, even if he doesn't do it himself [case in point being the drinking] 2) If ever we go to a drinking hole together [hahahaha! Yea right!] he's definitely the designated driver.

Anyway we see how tomorrow goes.......

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