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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Laptop Covers

Uhm, I don't really care about the boring, standard black colour of my laptop, I really don't, but my lapy just keeps insisting she wants this totally cool and hot cover on her. [cool and hot?]

Yea, um, I'm really not too tempted by it...... Really, I'm not......

And erm, just in case you guys are interested, which I definitely am NOT, the covers are made by a company called Skyn that specializes in these laptop covers. It's not so much a cover, but more of an adhesive cover that you can stick on to your laptop and peel off as well. [think removable gmask] Not only that, but they can do custom skins as well.

But I'm not tempted. Really! I"m not! I'm...... not.


Anonymous said...

Sure or not??

Such a BIG **hint**


Krystal said...

Hahaha....I think there's smething about ur frens and ganging up agst u =P Hee hee...Btw, target time for mine is Dec 2008 =)