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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Update from the last post...

It's been about 5 hours since Lapidora came into my room and now I'm engaged in the tiresome process of having to reinstall a whole bunch of programs into her. Stuff like MS Office, for me to do my work, Photoshop, [gee, of course] and the Creative software [happening right now] to allow me to transfer music from Lapi to Shiroi.

Yea, all the important ones. ^_^

Only problem is that the PS doesn't work, and I've yet to install Macromedia. Also, there's like a pile of cardboard and plastic bags on my side of the room, from all the unpacking just now. Lapy also came with an IBM briefcase [just as obiang as the first one... groan...] and a thumb drive, which will definitely come in useful.

Next up, the software for Olly, and soon, she'd be introduced to the whole family. Yea. :) It is seriously cool to be one wired up techie....

So while I'm waiting for everything to be installed, let me tell you guys of the scene which confronted me after collecting Lapy.

I came back home on the shuttle bus, Lapy in hand, still in her cardboard wrappings and all, and because it was still drizzling at the time, I got slightly damp. NEver mind, I comforted myself with the thought of what I could do to her once I got her unwrapped. [yes, I know that sounds wrong]

I climbed the stairs to my room, found to my relief that it was open which meant that Yenn was home, and I walked in. "I'm....... back?"

"ARGH! You came back at the wrong time!!!" Picture Yenn running frantically around, tissues and piles of cloth in hand. Now allow your eyes to move down to the floor and OMG behold the great Milo Tsunami that hath descended upon us.

Apparently, the hook she usually hung her Milo packets on had suddenly given way, unfortunately when her full packet of Milo was still hanging on it.

We had one jolly time looking the room over for Milo drops and then wiping it up. The mess was... extensive to say the least. Other than her table, there were tons of it on the floor, my chair, a bit on my fan, and a sea on her table. Took us quite a while to clear up the mess, and even then, our room had a slight Milo-ish stench. Hence the insistence on me leaving the fan on.

So Lapy went neglected in her first hour in my room. Poor dear.

Anyway, most of the mess was cleared by now, and we each went for class. I came back about 4 hours later and started doing all kinds of things to Lapy. Then I asked Yenn for her Office XP CD.

"There, there." She pointed to her cupboard, while she Mapled. I opened it up and lo and behold, another Milo crisis. Apparently the splash was so terrific, some of it had flowed under her table, and even into her side cupboard. Wondafool. Out comes the tissue again, and Yenn starts wiping again. Lalala...

Anyway, by now everything should have been wiped up already. And I've already insisted that she NEVER hangs her Milo on that damn hook again.

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