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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Today started out to be a rather dreary day. Woke up early in the morning, still feeling sleepy. Went to another boring class, finished, walked out and realised it was drizzling. Din' feel like eating much, so just quickly ate lunch.

Then went to the co-op when I COLLECTED MY NEW LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE A NEW LAPTOP!!!!!!! I'M TYPING FROM IT NOW!!!! IN MY ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Champagne glasses pop, the band starts playing a merry tune and a parade of wild, swirling colours and prancing animals start marching*

Meet Lapidora. DOn't ask me how I came up with that name, it just appeared in my head during the setup process, so it has to be fate in one way or another. And yes, she's an IBM Thinkpad just like my old one. *sheepish look* Brand loyalty goes a long way it seems... She's still quite empty, but I have a class soon, so I'll fill her in as she goes along.

So happy. *Grin* My new friend Lapidora.

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