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Friday, October 28, 2005

This is a more light-hearted post before the following one, on ministers' salaries. Think of it as the appetizer before the main course.

Swing high... swing low...

I went for my first social dance last night and it ROCKED!!! Some of us from the Lindy 1 class stayed back after class to join the social, including me and Jules.

Although mostly, we huddled shamefully in one corner of the room, looking at the other way-better dancers swing their partners around.... bleah......

Some of the times, we did get approached by more experienced dancers to go onto the dance floor. But the girls definitely get it better than the guys. Mostly, girls just follow the lead of the male. Hence, I don't have to really think much about what I want to do, or where I want to go. I wait for the signal from the guy first. So even when I danced with a more experienced dancer, it wasn't so bad, save for the few times when he swung me around with an unfamiliar move, and I was like... ok, now what?

The guys don't have that luck. One of the guys from our class, R, who danced with an experienced dancer came back and told us, "VERY Stressful!" He kept worrying about whether he was doing it right, and leading her right, and hoping he wouldn't forget his moves, and end up being told by her, "Er, you're leading me the wrong way...." :p

Jules had the same problem. You could tell after a while that he couldn't remember his moves, cos' he'd just keep swinging me with the same move over and over again, till I went, "Jules, I'm getting dizzy, can we try something else for a change?"

And yes, I finally know why they call it Swing. Cos you get swung and swung and swung and swung and............ till the whole world goes all woozy on you and you feel like you're still being swung even after the song has ended. (@_@)~

But it's fun. ^_^ And yes, I'll be there next week as well. Damn you goldfish, you got me hooked......

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