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Friday, October 14, 2005

A pile o' stuff

To update on...

I caught 2 movies this week with 3 of my closest guy friends [no guesses who, since they're my only close guyfrens...]

Mon was Corpse Bride with DF. Plot-wise, the movie was so-so and predictable in that usual cartoony way. However, watch it for the terrific caricatured clay animatrons. I loved the way the characters were portrayed, especially the butler with his nose stiffly erected at an upward angle the entire time. "THIS way sir!" Also the amazing portrayals of the Corpse Bride herself, from the way her willowy decaying gown billowed behind her as she walked. The attention to detail and perfection could clearly be seen here, and it's a rarity nowadays for directors to produce such animations without resorting to CGI, a speciality that can only be attributed to Tim Burton. *bows*

THurs was Deuce Bigalow Goes to Europe with Jules and Turtle, both of whom implored me to go because I never called, I never wrote, and I have basically become a heavy-coloured, light fren ever since I got DF. Ok finez. I didn't watch the first Deuce Bigalow movie, so thankfully I didn't get the Sequel Effect. [IE, that the sequel of the movie you first watched will never be as good as the first. Exceptions to this are the LOTR trilogy.] Still, DB is heavy on toilet humour. And I mean heavy as in what comes out into the toilet after a buffet meal high on bowel-inducing foods. When you imagine that one of the characters is a woman who has a penis growing out of her face instead of a nose due to a nuclear accident................. Just imagine when she gets aroused by DB. Watch if you're with horny and deprived male friends. As I did. (^^!)

I've finally put in an order for a new laptop! After months of molesting Yenn's Siren, I'm finally gonna get my own hot black guy to caress over nights of lonely blogging. I finally got sick of having to poach Yenn's lappie and considering that my laptop is considered a senior citizen on life support, I figured, take advantage of co-op prices while I can. [A bit push factor was also the continuous inability and unwillingness of my laptop to connect to the LAN network, a fact which baffled the IT guy and everyone else who has seen my laptop.] I placed it on Tues, so hoping to receive the new guy by next week. *crosses fingers on both hands* And if you're wondering, yes, it's another IBM Thinkpad, and yes, he does have the little red nipple...... ;p

Also, Goldfish will be pleased to know that I've finally started Lindy classes with Jules at her place. We came in this week just in time for the 2nd Lindy 1 class, and boogied our way for an hour. No, correction, we tried to boogie for an hour. (^^!) Most of the time we were frantically trying to pick up the steps taught in the first lesson, and the 2nd half, I was being swung around violently by several men in the class. Is my positioning wrong, or are these guys just a wee bit too excited? Hmmmm.....

But I'm glad that I finally managed to take it up. [even if I had to run from my class in Boon lay, run for the train, and run from the MRT station to where the dance school was, skipping dinner and appearance's sake in order to make it in time for class] After countless times enviously watching from the sidelines, it's about time I learnt to do it so that I can finally join in! And also prevent more embarrassing incidents like the time at Goldfish's house where someone actually persuaded me onto the dance floor and I was too busy worrying about not stepping on his feet................ Now I'm wondering whether I can change the timing of my Thurs tuition just in case, and even considering Salsa..... Daph.........? ;p

All in all, a fruitful week. *peace sign* I have to say, I like the extra cash that comes with my tuition, but it's nice to be able to finally have the time and money to do stuff like these that I always wanted to do...... One more thing struck off my Life List.... :)

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