No English? No Problem!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My hard drive works in NO computer lab around campus. *tears head out* Which means that the graph I did last night for my math lesson this morning, happening right NOW in fact, is totally NOT accessible and I have NO way to show my math tutor the wonderfully coloured graph I did on Photoshop last night.

*Bangs head on computer table*

Thank goodness my teammate had done an extra one on Excel just in case and looks like it's the one we're going to show the tutor.

All because of a few [yes, a few] antisocial computers in NIE. *Ergh!*

On the bright side, though.... one afternoon class has been cancelled this afternoon and since it's unlikely I'm going to meet for another community service meeting, my afternoon is officially free. Free. Free.

*WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!* I'm going shopping. Yea. *peace sign*

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