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Friday, October 21, 2005

Screw It All

Yenn has reached a stage in the training which I had reached much, much earlier than she did. It's the stage when you finally get all fed up with work, you go "Screw it all!", chuck your inbox to one side, and do something fun instead, like Mapling, or reading comics. [i wonder whether I'm the first person to turn the name of that video game into a verb...]

I'll name this the Screw-All Stage.

There is no definite time when the Screw-All Stage will end. It depends mainly on your body's fun-work equilibrium and whether it has been met. If you keep this equilibrium roughly there, you will never reach the Screw-All, since you have managed to have an equal amount of work and play in your life. If you have been consistently working at a breakneck pace and finally one day you decide you're not going to take any more of this crap,

Then you are at Screw-All.

At this stage, Yenn and I never get any work done. Since I'm now free in the evenings as well, a typical night went like this:

Me: "Mapling again? Where are you now?"
Yenn: "I'm on this world trying to harvest snakes."
Me: "Snakes? Why snakes?"
Yenn: "People pay a high price for them, but it's very difficult for them to kill. Me, I take 1 or 2 strokes, and I can kill them. So I take them to sell."
Yenn: "Cheh, like that only. *swipe swipe kill* Don't you have any work to do?"
Me: "I guess so, but I don't feel like doing it."
Yenn: "Yea, me too. Rather kill snakes."
Me: "Hm. At this stage, we'd never get any work done. Hey, it's a green blob..."

And so on.

At least I now have Lindy on Thurs to liven things up a lil. :D I think it's partly a psychological effect there also, that the fact that I'm going for Lindy means that Thurs is over, Fri is almost here, and Fri's a slack day with only one class, and after Fri is DA WEEKEND and I can PLAY! SLACK! EAT PRATA!

Yup, there's a lotta good stuff that comes with thinking of Lindy. heh.

I've *almost* mastered the turns and swings that come with Lindy, and according to the instructors, now have all the moves we need to go onto the dance floor! *Cue rolling eyeballs from the rest of the class* But we did do some basic social dancing in the class, where the guy decided what he wanted to lead with, and it was fun! Except for that one guy who totally confused me cause he got the moves wrong, but anyway...... here's looking to the first social dance I ever had. *peace sign* and hopefully more to come! ;)

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GoodMeat said...

mapling is not a new term. don't ask me how i know this.