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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I need dat fan

"someone I know likes to flip around at night. Turn on one side, scratching movments then still and sleep, then turn to the other and make similar movements, still then sleep. Cat like, feels like throwing a bolster in that direction sometimes"

~Yenn in reference to someone who owns this blog

I don't really think I make scratching movements though.... *scratches head*

But in deference to her cough, I finally made my way down to Courts to buy a fan that could blow at my butt the entire night and not make a puff in Yenn's direction... Only to find out that all the fans were far beyond what I considered a fair price for a fan, and the only one I wanted happened to be out of stock till Friday.

Somehow reminds me of my love life, I wonder why... either that or I'm too deprived...

But I NEED DAT FAN. I knew Yenn was sensitive to wind, but I didn't realise just HOW bad until I came back after class, opened the door into the room,

And went *smack* into a wall of hot air.

The lights were off, the fan was off, the curtains were drawn, and there was my roommate, wrapped up in blanket AND comforter, looking for all the world like a giant pink fluffy mummy. And I had already began to perspire just after 2 seconds of standing in there.

Ok. I. Need. Dat. Fan. *runs down to Courts*

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