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Monday, August 01, 2005

This newest post comes to you courtesy of an NTU computer at the main central library. Long live computer labs and free Internet access. :p Now if only they came with Firefox...

A few of my thoughts on the NTU campus:

- The new library I'm in now, directly above Canteen A, is one of the more better looking campus libraries I've seen around. :p Is there a current trend among the universities to compete for the better looking library? [the central library at NUS arts, after the renovation, was also stunning]

The interesting thing about the way it's been built is the half-circular design of the place. You walk in, and immediately you're standing above a half-moon valley, overlooking a whole prairie of computers, and people intent at work [or sleep, for some]

I walk to the 4th floor, along the moon, and through the windows on my left, I see the sea, [or more possibly, the Straits of Malacca] and what could possibly be Johor. It's definitely a better view than what NUS has to offer :S although most people here seem less interested in the view and more in their computer screens. Welcome to campus life.

And now, my current computer is at a window seat, though my view of Johor has been blocked by some very tall palm trees. Would almost feel like a beach, if not for the fact that I'm in an air-con library, and I have a pile of readings beside me. :s

- A few not so very nice words about their 3D club though...

NTU has a 3D animation club called NTU Siggraph, and usually Yenn and I would be interested, but I'm not too impressed by their management committee.

Erm, is it because the club is too new or something? Because I remember going for Imagereel, which was an exhibition of 3D animation, and not being very impressed with the way they organized the whole thing. Not to mention the commentators weren't too interesting, and Yenn wasn't impressed with the 3D shown, [too abstract and arty for her :p] so both of us overall weren't... well, impressed. :p

Then I went for another one they had at the library. Again, the speaker wasn't too interesting, though in this case, I suppose it's the fault of the external speaker they had, rather than the club itself. Most of the people probably thought they were there to learn some basics about 3D animation. [as I was] Instead, the presenter went like this:

"So if you click on this icon, [clicks on icon] you can do this [fiddles around with mouse, and changes colour of image. We squint to see what icon he clicked] and then this [does something else with another icon] and you can then... [by now he's given up on using verbs at all] after that you.... then you can..........."

Bleah................. at least I got some free software out of that........................

So when I saw the little display they had outside Canteen A, I was a bit apprehensive about the club, even though I saw free basic 3D courses for members. [thankfully, at the same time, they were hiring management committee members] As it is, I think their members need a bit of training in marketing skills.

I stood in front of a sign, just beside the booth, reading about the club benefits for members. The 3 people at the booth itself talk to each other about something.

I feign slight interest. They ignore me.

I decide to make myself more visible. [considering my bulk, this is not a hard thing to do] I walk to the front of the booth, in front of the 3 members.

They continue talking among themselves.

Hallo! I'm here! Me! Interested party here! Yoohoo! Look! I have cash! I'm ready to pay for membership!

I stand there for a good five minutes, before someone sees me. She comes over to talk to me, while the other 2 talk somemore. :s

I ask her, "What kind of courses does your club offer?"

Blank look. Maybe she didn't hear me correctly.

"What kind of activities does your club do?"

She thinks a while, then she reaches for a copy of the exact same piece of paper I was reading a couple of minutes back, and shows it to me. NB. Think I cannot read ah?

I ask a few more perfunctory questions about the club, and its courses, but I want a flyer.

"Sorry, we have no flyers."

No flyers? How about a copy of that paper you're holding there?

"Er, we don't have a copy right now...."

................ You do have a website, right? And I know you do, because you have it written on that very large orange banner hanging over your head over there.

"Er, ya, we have a website................ [why so reluctant to tell me your URL? You got porn stashed away in a link somewhere?] Maybe you can come back later in the afternoon when we have the flyers."

...................................... Wateva. See ya.

Maybe I'm being unfair to them, or maybe they're too new, but [sense of campus loyalty seeping in here] I don't think Bizad would have ever pulled some kind publicity flop like that lor...... And so much more the waste, because 3D animation is gaining in popularity in Singapore.... and their club is doing so little for itself......

Ok, they need better management....................... [And I hope no one in that club reads this the wrong way and send their friends in the Computing Club, if there is one, after my blog. :p]

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