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Monday, August 01, 2005

I've had to temporarily remove the tag-board, because I realised that everytime there's an error with the company server itself, the loading of my blog gets slowed down.

So since I assume you're more interested in reading the totally opinionated crap I write, rather than adding your own constructive comments on my writing, I removed the board.

Don't fret, though. If you feel that you absolutely MUST tell me the exact honest truth about my writing, please follow these instructions:

1) Click once on the Address bar.
2) Type
3) Read the error message
4) Complain to someone else instead

Nah, just kidding. :p In place of the tagboard, use the comments function, by clicking on ".. pieces of crap". Blogger should carry you along from there.

And btw, Nihongo no leberu 2 wa owarimasu! Leberu 3 e itteimasu!

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