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Monday, August 22, 2005

Comment Spam

Really sucks..............

I opened up my email to find out that I had like 6 comments on this blog alone!! I clicked on the link to the post to find out what was the fiery post I wrote, and then I realised....

All spam.

I was wondering what incendiary post I wrote. Cheh!!! It's just a bunch of people telling me to invest in US timber, buy pills, blah blah blah...... They couldn't get to my inbox, so now they're attacking me through my blog. (^^!)

Anyway, here's a tip for Blogger users if you're affected:
Go to your dashboard, and click on "Change Settings".
Go to "Comments" and go to "Word Verification for Comments".
Click on "Yes"

Hope that works,since I just did that for mine and it works on the Miseducators blog. The only added inconvenience is that you guys now have to type on some letters in order to comment... bleah....

So let's now shout the warcry from every blog all around the world:

"Screw Spam!"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

U got affected too eh? Yeah, it does suck having to approve comments. But it does make life easier after a while...