No English? No Problem!

Friday, August 26, 2005


I just posted up a lengthy rant on Mis-educators, so let me balance it off by tell you a funny thing that happened to me today.

I was walking to my lecture theatre, when I noticed that strangely enough, 5 minutes before lecture was supposed to start, the whole area was empty.

I was trying to figure out where did everyone go, when one of my project team mates walked past me and said, "Going lecture is it? It's this way!"

I followed him, and sat in the unfamiliar lecture, wondering why the lecturer had chosen to change the lecture venue suddenly, and where the heck was Yenn.

Then the girl next to me, who was in my English lecture, turned to me and said, "Are you in my tutorial group?"

I thought this was weird, I mean, yea, I'm in your English tutorial group what.

"Yea, but are you in my science tutorial group?"

Pause. Think. What lecture am I sitting in right now?

"Er, the science lecture? You thought this was the English lecture??"

Comprehension dawns. Oh yea... the English lecture is actually an hour from now...............

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