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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

This post comes to you courtesy of the com lab at Nie....

Yes, Yenn and I have successfully assimilated ourselves into campus, and are now quite settled in our room. [somewhat. the climbing of 6 floors to our room takes some getting used to, and there are no lifts.]

The first week of school is still super slack, with us running around campus, figuring out shuttle bus schedules, [I took the wrong bus once from Boon Lay to Nie, and ended up very, very far from my hall in the middle of the night. Took me a while to walk back, hoping I would not get murdererd/robbed/raped] canteens with good food, [Canteen A is good, but the queues are murder] and the overall map of the campus. [we're not getting as lost anymore]

But I still have no Internet access in my room. :S Which is why I'm now in the library waiting for my turn at the helpdesk, so that I can figure out how to get meself one of them cool wireless cards so that my old laptop will be hooked up to the Net.

I. Miss. The. Net. Period.

Meanwhile, today, the day is spent lazily lounging around, since the whole campus is out for Flag Day and we don't have to go. Nyah nyah nyah. :p Which only leaves me to go back to Bishan towards the evening for my tuition. :S

I'll try to post up more exploits later, when I get my card. Meanwhile, you may, er, have to contend yourself with a very boring blog for a while.... Sumimasen.......

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