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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Nihongo anyone?

As a form of light entertainment, let me regale you with the stories that happen during Jap lessons with Yen.

Part of our textbook includes a sample dialogue between 2 or more parties, and sometimes, Sensei will tell us to pair up, and practice the dialogue with each other. And Yen and I always pair up, to the most hilarious results.

For example, last week's lesson had the following dialogue: [entirely translated for your benefit] The background is Mira is getting transferred from Osaka to Tokyo, and the rest of the office is giving him a farewell party.

Yamada: Congratulations on your transfer!

Mira: Arigatou gozaimasu! [needs no translation, i think]

Kimura: Mira-san will become lonely when he goes to Tokyo. Even if you go, please don't forget Osaka.

Mira. Definitely not. Kimura-san, when you are free, please come to Tokyo to play!

Santos: When you come to Osaka, please call! We'll have a drink together!

Mira: Yes, definitely. Everyone, I'm really grateful for all you have done.

Satou: Take care of yourself. Ganbatte!

Mira: Yes, I will! Everyone, please take care of yourself!

Then Yenn and I take over. I am now the one being transferred, and Yenn is seeing me off.

Yenn: Congratulations on your transfer!

Me: Thanks!

Yenn: You will become lonely when you go to Europe. If you find a man over there, please don't forget your friends in Singapore.

Me: Er, yea. Yenn-san, when you have lots of money, please come to Europe for a holiday.

Yenn: When you return to Singapore, please call me. We'll have a lot of drink together. [the insinuation here is obviously alcoholic]

Me: Oh, definitely! Yenn-san, I'm really grateful for all you have done.

Yenn: Take care of yourself! please take care of yourself!

Me: Yes, ganbatte. please take care of yourself!

After this, Yenn and I change. Now Yenn is the one who's being transferred.

Me: Congrats on your transfer!

Yenn: Arigatou Gozaimasu.

Me: You will become lonely when you go to Africa. [?!!] THere is a lot of AIDS over there, so you must be careful! When you go there, please don't forget Singapore!

Yenn: [drops her face after hearing Africa] Er...... Definitely! Aki-san, when you are free and have no man, please come to Africa to play!

Me: [trying to supress wild laughter] If you come back to Singapore, please call! We'll go for a drink together!

Yenn: Yes, definitely!

[and so on, and so on]

Well, obviously, our versions weren't the ones we eventually read out to the class....... Though many were much amused to hear that Yenn was getting transferred to Africa.... hehehe...

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