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Thursday, July 28, 2005

[I'm loathe to talk more about NIE or Moe or NTU, so here's something unrelated to education. For education matters, go to Miseducators]

So Yenn and I have received no phone call from our Japanese sensei, which means that we most probably have passed our latest Jap test and are on fully on our way to Level 3. :D Yokatta ne....

In the spirit of this newfound realization therefore, I present to you, some simple cheers we learned in school, translated [albeit very brokenly] into Jap. [This is probably guaranteed to confuse the heck out of the other faculties] Guess what they are:

[note: The cheers can be used in any context for any organization, but because I learned them in Bizad, I have therefore written them that way. Replace the 'Bizad' with whatever school you come from]

Bizad no onna wa kirei yo!
Ichi ni san yon [X2]
Bizad no otoka wa hansamu ne!
Ichi ni san yon [X2]
Watashi wa Bizad, watashi wa ii! [X2]
Uma ga nai [X4]
Oh.... Bizad!

Bizad wa ichiban to iimasu
Anta shinjinai, zannen yo!
Nani watashi hanasu, anta wa hanasu [X2]
[there's more to this cheer, but for my limited abilities, I could only translate the 1st stanza]

Created in a mood of boh-liaoness while walking from LT to LT....... :p

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