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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Updates from my Job

I can almost feel the lack of sleep weighing down my eyebags... urgh...

My tuitions on sat and sun morn have officially commenced once more, and I've been vainly trying to pull myself out of my very-comfortable-bed at 730 on weekend mornings to fulfil my educational duties to those in need.

Sometimes I wish I was just that little bit more irresponsible.

So if you've been on my MSN list, you'll know that I've been posted to a semi-famous primary school very near my house, which we will call Neko Primary School. [if you think about it, you'll know why I called it that, and which school it is] And I'm FREAKING because it's an all boys school and I came from an all girls one.

How da fish do you handle boys?

On the one hand, most boys will take blows [figuratively speaking, of course] better than most girls, who will simmer and glare at you with red hot pupils and silently plan your demise in their little ribboned-ponytail heads. On the other hands, most girls would not pick fights and come to blows with each other and attempt most of the things that, well, boys will do. :S

My only consolation is that I probably won't be taking up much REAL teaching duties, seeing as how I'll be there for only 4 weeks. [or rather I'm PRAYING i won't be taking up much teaching duties] Most likely, I'll be doing a lot of observation, co-teaching, and maybe relief teaching. [hopefully the school will be a single session school]

And of course, there will likely be much more stories on the Mis-Educators blog because of it. :S So keep supporting that site. I've just posted a link for stories from an English teacher teaching in Japan, so you guys can go there. It's tres funny, it is, the things that happen there. :p Makes me [almost] thankful I'm teaching in Singapore. :p

And I just remembered: I suspect one of my kids' parents could be teaching in Neko Primary!!! :0 right now I'm praying that she's not, and at the same time, hoping that she's not in that school! Let's keep the Tutes and Schs separate, ya?

Keke done for now... Wish me luck and that I survive the 4 weeks... :S