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Wednesday, June 29, 2005


What with modules in NIE, conky PC, [got hit by serious adware software] and tuition at night, I'm starting just what is the size of the pile of shit I may have gotten into. Bad signs include no life at night, increasing feelings of fatigue, inability to drag myself out at 6 in the morning, [bleah] and what looks suspiciously like eyebags under my eyes.


Not only that, I haven't been able to buy comics, [will be going down to buy later! I swear!] or my regular 8 Days, and of course NO PRATA FOR B'FAST. *cries profusely* Can life get any worse than this???

Ok, I dramatise. :p I'll get used to it, but I'm guessing what you guys really are interested in [besides anything to do with DF] is how my first day at school went.

Can I first say for the record, I think the communication channels between Moe and Neko broke down somewhat? They had no idea I was gonna come into school till I called the admin office on Mon. Then when I came, the senior teacher I was intro-ed to said they didn't receive any official communication from Moe till yesterday. *duh*

This despite that I received news of my posting last Thursday.

So what did I do on the first day, if they had nothing for me to do? The ST said I could sit in the office, and sort of 'absorb the atmosphere'. Or perhaps, he meant, 'sit here and don't do anything to cause any trouble'.

Nah, he's a pretty nice guy.

So I sat there, in the office, idly flipping through a Neko handbook.

Then it was recess.

Then I finished the handbook, so I searched my sparse bag in desperation, and found a book about research into the teaching of Social Studies in schools. [Yenn, Turt, it was the research book they included in our 'orientation gift']

I alternated between falling asleep, pretending to read, and actually reading for about 4 hours.

Then school was over, and it was Contact Time.

The teachers bustled around me, and then I went up at 2, sat there till 3, and finally made my way home.

Like, I'm so filled with the desire to teach. (^^!)

I could have talked with the other teachers, I guess, but... I guess I sorta went into 'survival dao mode', which is to act 'dao', and make myself as invisible as possible. (^^!) Worked a charm, the other teachers must have wondered why I was so interested in The Use of Stories in Teaching Social Studies. [one of the more interesting papers]

Then everyone looked busy and bustling, like they had something to do, and it became a sort of situation where I was the only one standing idle, while everyone else was running around me, so I decided to sit and ignore everyone else instead.

Not a good move, admittedly, but one I'm too used to for my own good.

It became almost that I wished they were severely shorthanded, so that I could have been chucked into intense teaching from the start. At least I would have used some energy in the meantime. (^^!)

Ah well, these are the normal starting blues I guess. Hopefully from tom, they'd give me some relief teaching and I'll actually be able to do something.

Keep wishing me luck.

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